Icelandic anti-corruption demonstrations continue

This video from Iceland says about itself:

April 4th 2016. 22.000 Icelanders gathered in front of parliament to protest over the Panama Papers scandal and request the PM’s resignation.

From Iceland Review today:

Third Day of Protests

By Vala Hafstad

A protest is planned on Austurvöllur square at 5:00 pm today, the third day in a row. According to Vísir, organizers stress they never asked for Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson as prime minister, but PM Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson announced yesterday he would be stepping aside and would like Sigurður to take over his position. What the organizers demand instead is elections. The protest is organized by Jæja, the same group that planned Monday’s demonstration, which drew up to 22,000 people.

The country has been in turmoil since revelations about PM Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson’s ties to a company on Tortola, which came to light following a leak of documents from a notorious Panama law firm.


05.04.2016 | Panama Papers Protest in Pictures

04.04.2016 | Record Number of Icelanders Protest Over Panama Papers Scandal

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

From the Panama Papers it appears that Gunnlaugsson owned bonds of some banks that went bankrupt. As Prime Minister he made on behalf of Iceland a deal with creditors of the banks. Because he was also a creditor because of the bonds, there would have been a conflict of interest.

A poll held Monday and Tuesday among Icelanders shows that only 10 percent still have confidence in Gunnlaugsson. According to the study, Katrin Jakobsdottir, leader of the … [Left-Green] opposition party, is the most trusted politician now.

Polls also say the Icelandic Pirate Party‘s support is growing strongly.

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