Will beached harbour porpoise survive?

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Harbour porpoise Lene

This video shows how we transported a stranded porpoise in our special dolphin ambulance on February 28th 2016. The porpoise’s skin can dry out quickly when they’re not in the water, so we continuously had to keep her wet during transport. To keep her eyes moist we used eye drops. In the video you can also see short medical research that took place in our rehabilitation centre after arrival. Because of exhaustion and illness the porpoise, who’s called Lene, is not able to swim by herself yet. She is constantly supported by people from our team. We’ll regularly post updates on porpoise Lene on our Facebook page.

More about porpoise Lene is here. She had beached in the Wadden Sea in Germany; and was then brought to the rehab center in the Netherlands.

2 thoughts on “Will beached harbour porpoise survive?

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