Bahrain, absolute monarchy and football update

This video says about itself:

No End to Torture in Bahrain

22 November 2015

Bahraini security forces are torturing detainees during interrogation. Institutions set up after 2011 to receive and investigate complaints lack independence and transparency.

Human Rights Watch has concluded that security forces have continued the same abuses the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) documented in its November 2011 report. The commission was established after the fierce repression of pro-democracy demonstrators in February and March of that year. Bahraini authorities have failed to implement effectively the commission’s recommendations relating to torture, Human Rights Watch found.

Bahrain rights group files complaint over Sheikh Salman FIFA bid. Group says head of Bahrain’s football association violated human rights in his capacity and should not be eligible to lead FIFA: here.

Bahrain group bids to block Sheikh Salman landing FIFA presidency. Sheikh Salman’s candidacy for the FIFA presidency is the subject of a legal complaint by a pro-democracy group from Bahrain: here.

FIFA presidential candidate Prince Ali has questioned the role of election rival Sheikh Salman in not protecting Bahrain players who alleged abuses after pro-democracy protests in 2011. In the strongest statement yet on human rights ahead of the Feb. 26 election to succeed Sepp Blatter, the Jordanian prince dismissed the sheikh’s consistent defense that national security issues are beyond the control of sports leaders: here. See also here.

Sheikh Salman’s desire to bypass the democratic process does not bode well for his potential FIFA presidency: here.

Five Years After Failed Uprisings for Democratic Reform, New Blueprint Recommends United States Change Course in Bahrain: here.

Bahrain: hopes for justice and reform fading five years since 2011 uprising: here.

7 stories of shocking injustice: Bahrain after the ‘Arab Spring’: here.

Bahrain’s Prisons are Overcrowded with Prisoners of Conscience: here.

IPI urges Bahrain to lift travel ban on Nabeel Rajab. Prominent human rights activist faces continued judicial harassment: here.

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