Long-eared owls threatened in North America

This video from Cornwall is called Long Eared Owl at Screech Owl Sanctuary.

This blog post is a guest blog post by Cassie Mayer from North America. She has a really interesting blog, called kindness over cruelty. Her blog is about subjects like veganism and advocacy for animals.

Thank you for this fine guest blog post, Cassie!

In the past century we have managed to drive the Long Eared Owl to near extinction. Many years ago this beautiful animal could be seen in Southern Canada, New England, and even in California and Texas.

Long Eared Owls require vast, dense forests for camouflage, protection from the elements, and sufficient room for hunting. However, their numbers have dwindled lower and lower due to deforestation and development. Since Long Eared Owls do not make their own nests but rather use old nests from Crows, Hawks, and other large birds, it is especially hard for them to find places to live when forests are constantly being ripped apart by greedy people. Some truly disgusting people even hunt Long Eared Owls for simple fun.

While many studies and counts of the owls have been conducted, their numbers have only continued to shrink. If we don’t act soon, it is clear that this fascinating animal will be a thing of the past. For more information on how you can help endangered animals like the Long Eared Owl, please click this link: endangered.org

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7 thoughts on “Long-eared owls threatened in North America

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  3. I’ve been to this sanctuary, and took a great many photos. It’s a wonderful place, with an extraordinary variety of species from around the world. Well worth a visit (if you happen to be anywhere near Cornwall…) RH


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