Five sperm whales beached on Texel island

This video is about the sperm whales, beached on Texel island in the Netherlands today.

The Texelse Courant reports today that five sperm whales have beached on Texel, near beach pole 12 west of Den Hoorn village.

People are trying to save the whales, but unfortunately it looks like there is not much chance of success. ‘This is terrible’ Ms Pauline Folkerts of Ecomare museum says.

29 April 2014. Ecomare has opened the new Whale Room adding another attraction of national appeal. This impressive exhibition of the whales that beached on the Wadden Islands allows visitors to experience at close hand how enormous a sperm whale actually is: here.

9 thoughts on “Five sperm whales beached on Texel island

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  3. Whales wash up on Cape Cod fairly often. I’ve seen speculation that their radar goes whacky and that leads to them beaching themselves. I know that a number of the whales from the Cape have been saved.


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