British Conservatives spend billions on nuclear weapons before Parliament vote

This 4 April 2015 video from Scotland is about a march in Glasgow against Trident nuclear weapons.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Billions spent on replacing Trident before MPs vote

Monday 4th January 2016

MINISTERS have pumped billions of pounds into replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system — even though Parliament has not yet voted on it.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has uncovered new figures revealing the already-mounting costs of the replacement programme.

Figures from the House of Commons Library reveal that nearly £5 billion has been spent on what the Ministry of Defence describes as the “concept” and “assessment” phases of replacing the cold war relic.

SNP defence spokesman Brendan O’Hara said: “People will be rightly shocked that before the government has even bothered to put this to a vote in the House of Commons — they are just pushing ahead, spending billions and billions of taxpayers’ money on preparing for these obscene and redundant weapons.

“A billion here — a billion there — all based on the arrogant assumption that Parliament will do what the Tories want and at a time when austerity cuts are deep and unending.

Trident is the UK’s ultimate virility symbol — it allows David Cameron to wield what remains of imaginary influence — proving beyond any doubt it is not a military asset, it is a political one.”

The rising costs of the initial phases comes after the estimated price of replacing the four Trident submarines shot up from £25bn to £41bn in the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

The final cost of Trident replacement could reach £167bn, according to Crispin Blunt, the Conservative chairman of Parliament’s foreign affairs committee.

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