Labourite Corbyn’s anti-austerity tour in Portugal

This video says about itself:

Thousands protest austerity in Portugal as PM mired in tax scandal

9 March 2015

Thousands of people took to the streets of Lisbon in a day of protest against austerity and called for the government to step down.

The demos rolled out across several main cities in Portugal against the government’s austerity policies.

That was then. And now …

By Luke James in Britain:

Corbyn will tour Portugal to support anti-austerity drive

Tuesday 22nd December 2015

JEREMY CORBYN is to embark on a speaking tour of Portugal in support of the country’s new anti-austerity government, the Morning Star can reveal.

The Labour leader struck up a friendship with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa at a meeting of European socialist leaders in Brussels last week.

Now he has accepted an invitation to visit the country in the new year to address public rallies alongside shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Mr Corbyn told the Star: “We’re going to do that in support of their anti-austerity programme. We’re building an anti-austerity coalition across Europe.

The Greek government have had a terrible time and the European Central Bank has treated them disgracefully.

“The interesting government now is the Portuguese government and its anti-austerity programme.”

Mr Costa took office in unusual circumstances last month, when he ousted a minority conservative administration just 11 days after the country’s general election.

He now leads a minority Socialist Party government supported by communist and Left Bloc MPs.

The Labour leader believes the Portuguese premier can be a key ally in the fight against EU austerity.

During the party leadership contest, Mr Corbyn refused to rule out campaigning for Britain to leave the EU if David Cameron tried to “trade away” workers’ rights as part of his membership renegotiation.

The Star understands that shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn told Mr Corbyn that he would only join his cabinet on the condition that Labour backed the “Britain Stronger In” campaign.

But the Labour leader still has reservations about the effect of EU restrictions on public ownership and workers’ rights.

He told the Star: “I want to see a Europe that’s much more based on working-class solidarity and workers’ rights.

“And actually I would not want to see us join the eurozone and the European Central Bank.

“I voted against Maastricht [the 1992 Treaty on European Union] because it was a Europe based on free-market economics, rather than a Europe based on social security and workers’ rights.”

Plans of the earlier right-wing government in Portugal to sell Joan Miró paintings stopped today: reports NOS TV in the Netherlands.


11 thoughts on “Labourite Corbyn’s anti-austerity tour in Portugal

  1. Wednesday 23rd December 2015

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    Watchdog rules right-wing rag’s Corbyn story was unfounded
    THE SUN was forced to print an “apology” yesterday after press regulator Ipso agreed with a complaint that a front-page story on Jeremy Corbyn was “significantly misleading.”

    Media baron Rupert Murdoch’s rag reported that the then newly elected Labour leader was only going to become a member of the Privy Council to get hold of £6.2 million in Short money, an annual payment to opposition parties to help with costs.

    The complainant, former journalist Rosemary Brocklehurst, told the Independent Press Standards Organisation that there was “no basis” for the claim and that the story published in September breached the Press Code of Conduct accuracy clause.

    Ms Brocklehurst also flagged up the digitally produced image showing Mr Corbyn wearing a jester’s hat next to the headlines “Court Jezter” and “Labour hypocrite: Leftie who hates the Royals WILL kiss Queen’s hand to grab £6.2m.”

    She said that there was neither evidence to support the slur that Mr Corbyn “hates the royals” nor the claim that he might trigger a “constitutional crisis” if he declined council membership.

    Yesterday’s paper contained a minuscule “apology” on its front page, reading: “Ipso complaint on Labour Short money upheld, see page two.”

    On page two, it claimed that the journalists “could have been clearer” that their story was speculation allegedly “based on facts.”

    It admitted that receiving Short funds and being a member of the council were “not formally connected.”

    Campaign for Press and Broadcast Freedom national organiser Barry White told the Star that, although he welcomes the ruling, the “apology” should be as visible as the original story.

    He said: “That’s the outrageous thing about it, it’s tucked away and obscured. It doesn’t make the same impact and I think that is wrong.

    “It should almost be of equal prominence.”

    Mr Murdoch’s papers are some of Ipso’s main funders, and its ruling sparked comment on social media that the watchdog was coming of age and “baring some teeth.”

    But the paper has left the original story and picture on its website, saying it did not “apologise” and that it is “entitled” to write the story as it did.

    A Sun spokesman said: “Contrary to what other publications not signed up to the press regulator are reporting, we have not printed an apology or a correction.”

    Mr White said that newspaper groups owned by billionaires should be broken up to minimise “mudslinging and abuse,” as Mr Corbyn has suggested.


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  4. Friday 8th January 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    PORTUGAL’S new left-wing coalition government honoured its promise to reverse its predecessor’s privatisations yesterday with transport companies first in line.

    The cabinet announced the cancellation of bus and metro rail franchises in the capital Lisbon and second-largest city Porto awarded to Spanish and French companies last year.

    The loss-making transport companies, which together are more than €4 billion (£3 billion) in the red, were privatised by the right-wing government of Pedro Passos Coelho, which lost power in November.

    Transport Minister Joao Matos Fernandes said the government expected no legal challenges nor compensation demands because regulators had not yet approved the changes.

    The government also aims to reverse the privatisation of national airline TAP.

    Spanish Socialist Party leader Pedro Sanchez sought advice from Portuguese PM Antonio Costa yesterday on how to build a similar left-wing alliance in Madrid’s hung parliament.


  5. Strike threat by Portuguese public sector staff

    The CGTP union body announced Monday it would call a strike of public sector workers in Portugal if the newly elected coalition government did not cut the working week from 40 hours to 35 hours this month. The newly elected left coalition government had promised to reverse the previous right-wing government’s imposition of a 40-hour week, which had been brought in as part of its austerity measures. However, the government said the cut in hours would apply from July this year.


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  7. Thursday 28th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    PORTUGUESE public-sector union coalition Common Front announced yesterday that its 600,000 workers will take strike action tomorrow.

    The 24-hour strike, intended to press the government to reverse austerity measures more swiftly than it plans, is likely to cause disruption at schools, hospitals, courts and other public services.

    The Socialist Party minority government, which is backed by the Communist Party and Left Bloc, has pledged to restore workplace entitlements that were sacrificed at EU behest as the price of the €78 billion (£60bn) bailout of private banks in 2011.

    The government has already approved a return to public-service workers’ hard-won 35-hour working week, down from the current 40 hours, but only from July.

    The Common Front, which is close to the militant CGTP federation, says that change must come sooner.

    The government will also restore cuts to public-sector pay, bring back four public holidays, increase the lowest pensions and cut tax for low-income families.


  8. Saturday 6th February 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    THE European Commission approved a budget from Portugal’s left-wing anti-austerity government yesterday after imposing about €845 million (£650m) in cuts.

    In the latest EU assault on democracy, the commission forced Prime Minister Antonio Costa’s coalition of socialists, communists and greens to agree to bring its budget deficit down to 3.4 per cent of GDP, close to the EU limit on deficits of 3 per cent.

    Even with that concession, EU commissioner Pierre Moscovici said the “government’s plans are at risk of non-compliance” with EU rules to keep deficits down and would need strict monitoring.


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