Solidarity with Greek people in London

This 29 June 2015 video is about a solidarity rally with the Greek people in London, England.

Caroline Lucas, Green party MP, addresses supporters gathered in Trafalgar Square for the Greece Solidarity Campaign.

Other speakers included:

Jeremy Corbyn MP
Richard Burgon MP
Paul Nowak, TUC
Marina Prentoulis, Syriza
Sarah-Jayne Clifton, Jubilee Debt Campaign
Owen Jones, journalist
Rachel Newton, Greece Solidarity Campaign
Andrew Burgin, Left Unity
John Rees, People’s Assembly
Chairs: Isadoros Diakides and Kate Hudson

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Thousands show solidarity with Greece against EU

Tuesday 30th June 2015

Thousands of British workers showed their solidarity with the people of Greece yesterday as the tug of war between Greece and the European Central Bank continued.

MPs, trade unionists and activists at rallies in London and Birmingham spoke against Europe’s political Establishment and international creditors holding the Greeks to ransom.

In London’s Trafalgar Square Green MP Caroline Lucas told the crowds: “Austerity in Greece has been a profound failure in both human and economic terms.

“It’s time that European governments think again about how to tackle the crisis in Greece.

“The people of Greece have shown incredible resilience in extremely difficult times.

“They’ve worked together to provide on-the-ground assistance to those in need — from medical treatment to foodbanks.

“But there’s only so much cutting the social fabric in Greece can take before it tears apart.

“Any self-respecting democrat can see that further forced austerity in Greece is wrong.

“It’s time for Europe’s leaders, including David Cameron, to stand up for democracy and back a credible solution to Greece’s dire problems.”

Ms Lucas called on the Prime Minister to support a European conference similar to the postwar London Debt Agreement of 1953, which relieved Germany of half its international debt.

TUC assistant general secretary Paul Nowak also spoke of the perils of austerity.

“In Greece, the impact has been so much worse [than in Britain] as wages have spiralled down, pensions have been slashed and unemployment is at a crisis point.

“Vital public services are on the brink of collapse,” said Mr Nowak.

He added: “Now is the time for all of us to stand in solidarity with the people and unions of Greece.

“Now is the time to say no to austerity and yes to social justice.”

The city protests came after an open letter urging the cancellation of Greece’s €10 billion (£7bn) debt repayments was signed by the leaders of Britain’s biggest unions, senior economists and 25 MPs.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, Prime Economics contributor Ann Pettifor and Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn were among the many believing that “there must be an end to the enforcing of austerity.”

Puerto Rico governor declares debts “not payable”: here.

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