11 thoughts on “European Union, Greece and Britain

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  3. 1) The imminent default and the future of Greece
    Financial oligarchy bewildered by own incapacity to install subservient govt

    by Anti-imperialist Camp

    Berlin: nothing short than full-fletched capitulation
    Syriza not to accept complete surrender
    Syriza’s left wing helped to avoid giving in
    Oligarchy: split Syriza and seize their government?
    Gradual decomposition of an contradictory and impossible electoral mandate
    Default: risk for oligarchy
    Political decision by Euro regime imminent
    Coup by the means of a default shock?
    Anti-oligarchic popular government



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  6. Britain: CIVIL servants’ union PCS will respond to a call for international solidarity from Greece’s left-wing government by organising meetings to raise awareness of the austerity agenda across Europe.

    The union’s annual conference unanimously voted yesterday to affiliate to the Greek Solidarity Campaign and called for “practical solidarity,” including sending delegations to Greece.

    Dundee delegate Craig Lundie said that the Greek people were under siege from the forces of international capital.

    “Greece and (governing party) Syriza need our solidarity,” he said.

    Supporting the motion on behalf of the union’s executive, Sue Bond said that austerity was being implemented “on a different scale” in Greece.

    “Syriza is presenting a real opportunity to change EU policies,” she said.

    The conference also voted to affiliate to the Unite the Resistance campaign.

    A motion calling for affiliation to the Campaign for the Rights and Actions of Irish Communities was remitted for further consultation.



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