North Korean girl band playing ‘Rocky’ in China?

This music video is called “Rocky” Theme performed in North Korea – Moranbong Band.

This all-women North Korean band, Dutch NOS TV reports, will do concerts in Beijing in China this month. The report did not say whether they would include ‘Rocky’ there.

In North Korea, there are lots of rules which should not be there. Including, I read, rules about dressing.

Some of the women in the band wear maxiskirts, some wear miniskirts. Is that only legal in North Korea if you are in a band, or what are the stupid fashion rules there exactly?

Probably, at the Beijing concerts, the band will have no miniskirt trouble. They might have so if they would play in South Korea. The present president there, a military dictator’s daughter, banned miniskirts in 2013.

6 thoughts on “North Korean girl band playing ‘Rocky’ in China?

  1. Friday 11th December 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Federation chief emerges from temple refuge

    by Our Foreign Desk

    The head of South Korea’s union federation surrendered to police yesterday, nearly a month after taking refuge in a Buddhist temple.

    A force of over 2,000 officers was sent to arrest Korean Confederation of Trade Unions president Han Sang Gyun for alleged involvement in organising a mass protest last month against a government attack on workers’ rights.

    Led by a senior monk, Mr Han walked out of the temple flanked by dozens of union members and temple followers.

    The temple has long provided refuge for political dissidents trying to avoid arrest.

    “Let’s destroy the attempts to worsen labour laws,” an emotional Mr Han shouted, shortly before he stepped through the temple’s main gate and was handcuffed by police officers who took him away.

    He called for a general strike starting next Wednesday. Another large protest is planned for December 19.

    Swarms of police around the temple had become a regular sight since Mr Han took refuge there last month.

    He could face charges including obstruction of justice and illegal assembly for his alleged roles in nine anti-government protests this year.

    Authorities held Mr Han responsible for clashes that broke out when police blocked the route of the November 14 march with buses, then turned water cannon on those who tried to move the vehicles.

    Some 30 people were injured in the ensuing mayhem.

    The 80,000-strong march had been called to demand President Park Geun Hye that quit over the government’s plan to make it easier for bosses to make redundancies.

    Protesters also opposed plans to force schools to use only government-issued history books from 2017, which they fear will whitewash the decades of dictatorship under Ms Park’s father Park Chung Hee and Chun Doo Hwan.

    Ms Park’s government has cracked down on press freedoms and been criticised for incompetence in the aftermath of a ferry sinking that killed more than 300 people.

    One year ago this month, it banned the centre-left Unified Progressive Party for allegedly supporting North Korea by calling for reunification.


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