7 thoughts on “Big Irish water rights demonstration

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  2. Monday 22nd February 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    UP TO 80,000 people marched through Dublin on Saturday in opposition to Irish government austerity measures before next week’s election.

    The Right2Water campaign against charges for the previously free utility has rebranded itself Right2Change.

    Right2Change co-ordinator Brendan Ogle said: “The huge turnout at today’s demonstration, on the final Saturday before the general election, sends a clear message to the outgoing government that public anger at water charges remains unabated.

    “Water charges … are just one manifestation of the austerity policies pursued by the outgoing government and the previous Fianna Fail/Green coalition.”

    Mr Ogle said 106 candidates had so far signed up to the Right2Change policy principles.

    “Today, many of them came to Dublin and took to the stage to say: ‘Another Ireland is possible’.”



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