Big Irish water rights demonstration

This video from Ireland says about itself:

15 November 2014

Paul Murphy TD was stripped half naked while others were being dragged at water protest today in Jobstown Tallaght as people protested against water charges. The peaceful protest lasted for over 4hrs and kept Joan Burton busy with reality for a while,

Another video which used to be on the Internet used to say:

Large attendance at water charges protest despite the rain

29 August 2015

Tens of thousands have attended a demonstration against water charges, organised by the Right2Water campaign in Dublin, having marched from the city’s railway stations and suburbs to congregate at the Spire on O’Connell Street. Video: Bryan O’Brien

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ireland: Tens of thousands pour cold water on EU imposed charges

Monday 31st August 2015

by Our Foreign Desk

MORE than 80,000 people took to the streets of Dublin at the weekend to march against EU-imposed water charges.

The huge demonstration was the fifth major protest against charges being levied by Irish Water, which began in April, and was organised by umbrella campaign group Right2Water.

Charging people for water was a condition of the 2010 “bailout” agreement imposed on Ireland by the “troika” — EU, IMF and European Central Bank — that has since presided over the cuts and privatisations in Greece.

Marchers carried banners reading: “It’s your water, it’s our water. It’s not their water to sell” and “Water is a human right.”

Irish Congress of Trade Unions president John Douglas said the water bills were “just the tip of the austerity iceberg.

“Ireland is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world, where hundreds of thousands of us struggle to get by.”

Civil and Public Services Union activist Dee Quinlan said the demo was “to show that we will no longer pay for the sins of the property speculators, top-tier bankers, centre-right politicians and their pursuit of the policies of austerity.

“If we accept these charges, we are then in acceptance of the inevitable privatisation of water in this country.

“If the end goal of this unfair policy is not privatisation, then why is our government stubbornly refusing to hold a referendum to enshrine ownership of our water services in the hands of the public?”

Right2Water co-ordinator Brendan Ogle, an official with British and Irish trade union Unite, declared: “First we need to abolish water charges and ensure public ownership of our water in perpetuity.

“And then we need to change the type of society we live in to one based on equality, fairness and solidarity rather than one based on greed and exploitation.”

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7 thoughts on “Big Irish water rights demonstration

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  2. Monday 22nd February 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    UP TO 80,000 people marched through Dublin on Saturday in opposition to Irish government austerity measures before next week’s election.

    The Right2Water campaign against charges for the previously free utility has rebranded itself Right2Change.

    Right2Change co-ordinator Brendan Ogle said: “The huge turnout at today’s demonstration, on the final Saturday before the general election, sends a clear message to the outgoing government that public anger at water charges remains unabated.

    “Water charges … are just one manifestation of the austerity policies pursued by the outgoing government and the previous Fianna Fail/Green coalition.”

    Mr Ogle said 106 candidates had so far signed up to the Right2Change policy principles.

    “Today, many of them came to Dublin and took to the stage to say: ‘Another Ireland is possible’.”,000-march-in-protest-at-water-charge#.VsuIauZrgdU


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