Stop Irish government’s water charges

This video says about itself:

11 February 2015

Corrupt Irish Water Robbery – A Greek Revolution Needed? Russell Brand The Trews (E254).

Reaction to the news that several protesters were arrested in Ireland following the protests in November against a water charge.

This is a video about an attempt by anti-water charges Irish MP Paul Murphy to discuss the arrests of activists. It says about itself:

Ceann Comhairle shuts down attempt to raise Jobstown arrests in the Dail

11 February 2015

I attempted to raise the arrests of people involved in the Jobstown protest and political policing in the Dail today, unfortunately the Ceann Comhairle shut down the debate and asked for my microphone to be turned off.

Abolish water charges! demands Dublin conference: here.

9 thoughts on “Stop Irish government’s water charges

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