‘Stop bedroom tax in Wales’

This video from Britain says about itself:

13 May 2013

Unable to work because of ­a crippling illness, ­Stephanie Bottrill was already struggling to survive before the hated Bedroom Tax came in.

But Iain Duncan Smith‘s punishing new payments were the last straw for the tragic 53-year-old who killed herself to avoid plunging into further poverty after being hit with an £80 a month bill for the two spare bedrooms in her council house.

And last night her distraught son Steven begged David Cameron to scrap the tax to stop anyone else being driven to suicide.

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By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Archbishop bashes misery brought by bedroom tax

Tuesday 4th August 2015

THE Archbishop of Wales is heading a call today for the Welsh government to “show leadership,” follow the Scottish example and bring the bedroom tax to an end.

Barry Morgan, who has more than once expressed concern over Tory-led welfare reforms, has addressed an open letter to First Minister Carwyn Jones demanding more cash for the Welsh housing budget.

In the document, seen by the Star, Mr Morgan branded the underoccupancy penalty a challenge to “social decency.”

“Since its introduction in 2013, the bedroom tax has wrought misery and desperation across Welsh communities,” it said.

The plea was supported by director of Shelter Cymru John Puzey, Welsh Tenants chief executive Steve Clarke, Unite Community local officer Sue Leader and South Wales Against the Bedroom Tax organiser Jamie Insole.

Keeping in mind the 20 per cent of Welsh citizens who experience poverty, it concluded: “It is essential that the housing budget is expanded so that the DHP top-up does not come at the expense of other vital housing services.

“We call upon Welsh government to show the same leadership — and take tens of thousands of Welsh tenants out of poverty and misery.”

A report published by the National Assembly for Wales’s public accounts committee (PAC) last week advised the Welsh government to copy Scotland and offset the bedroom tax with discretionary housing payments.

Last year, Holyrood was given the powers to set a cap on the payments which effectively abolished the tax in Scotland.

A Welsh government spokeswoman would not comment on the open letter but said that the PAC’s recommendations were being considered.

“We will continue to do all we can to protect Welsh people from the cuts imposed upon us from the UK government, however, it would be impossible to plug all the gaps caused by the sweeping and unnecessary austerity measures,” she said.

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