13 thoughts on “End the British bedroom tax

  1. The bedroom tax, for the purpose of downgrading or move to smaller housing, will cost the vendor, costs, such as legal fees, real estate agents, stamp duty, removal fees, costs in repair bills to the new building, and no doubt many other costs, also people’s identification with where they have lived, and contacts within the neighborhood, of people, this can also be seen to further alienate people to state control them, I am uncertain as to how many people can identify with people like Cameron, but I find him creepy, its time for the electorate to show more discretion in having personnel like him? not a statesman but a well groomed university finished product, that is in the main a man disconnected to most people.
    We need to know how many bedrooms Cameron has? always of interest is how many bedrooms philanderers have? unless they get around bedrooms that are other peoples property, or alternative arrangements, Hotels?

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