Seahorse discovery in the Netherlands

This video is called Big Belly Seahorse (Hippocampus abdominalis): courtship dance.

Translated from the Dutch marine biologists of Stichting ANEMOON:

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

On July 22, 2015 scuba divers found a short-snouted seahorse in the Oosterschelde. In the past, observations of what for divers is perhaps the most popular Dutch fish were very rare. Years could go by without scuba divers seeing seahorses in the Dutch coastal waters. The past decade, however, almost every year sightings have been reported. Climate change is probably partly responsible for the fact that seahorses are now present every year in our coastal waters and are observed annually.

It is something special if it happens. You dive as 15-year-old sport diver for the first time ever with an underwater camera in the Oosterschelde. And then, you get the prize and can make beautiful digital photos of it. This is what happened on July 22 to Mees van der Sanden when she and her father went on an early evening dive in the southeastern Oosterschelde. That prize was a meeting with a short-snouted seahorse (Hippocampus hippocampus).

20 thoughts on “Seahorse discovery in the Netherlands

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