Rupert Murdoch scandals, December 2011

This 2014 video is called The Murdoch Empire: Phone Hacking Exposed.

By Richard Phillips:

Former Australian senator accuses Murdoch executives of offering a deal

5 December 2011

Allegations by former Australian senator Bill O’Chee that senior News Limited executives offered him “a special relationship” in 1998 undermine the claims by the Murdoch corporation that such abuses are confined to its British tabloid News of the World. O’Chee made the accusations in a recent nine-page sworn statement to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

When the phone-hacking scandal erupted in the UK earlier this year, Murdoch’s Australian outlets countered with a stream of editorials and op-ed comments that its local publications were squeaky clean.

Former British agent says News of the World hacked his computer: here.

30 July 2015: George Osborne under pressure to reveal if meeting with Rupert Murdoch preceded announcement of BBC cuts: here.

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