Thai military dictatorship jails students

This video is called Thailand, 9/11/14: Brutal and barbaric abuses by the Royal Thai Army, a testimony by a human rights lawyer.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thailand: UN calls on junta to free 14 arrested student protesters

Wednesday 1st July 2015

THE UN human rights office called on Thailand yesterday to release 14 student activists arrested for holding a demonstration.

The university students were detained on Friday on charges of sedition and violating the military government’s ban on political gatherings for holding the rally in Bangkok the previous day.

The military, which seized power last May when it overthrew a civilian government, has banned political gatherings of five people or more and ordered security-related offences to be handled by military courts.

The students were issued with arrest warrants for having conducted rallies in the capital and in the north-eastern province of Khon Kaen last month to mark the first anniversary of the coup.

Each student faces a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

8 thoughts on “Thai military dictatorship jails students

  1. A THAI military court released 14 students yesterday, arrested for breaching a ban on demonstrations, pending their trial for sedition.

    The 13 men and one woman were arrested on June 26 for wrapping Bangkok’s Democracy Monument in black cloth and calling for the military coup regime to “get out.”

    They were charged under laws forbidding public demonstrations of more than four people, which can carry a sentence of seven and a half years in prison.

    In May, the 14 held rallies in the north-eastern province of Khon Kaen to mark the coup’s first anniversary.

    “Even though they will be released, it doesn’t mean the case is concluded,” said deputy government spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd. He urged the students not to “create chaos in society” or to “hold activities like in the past.”

    The military has promised to hold new elections after overthrowing the elected government last year, but no date has been set.


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