Thailand dictatorship arrests students

This video says about itself:

Bangkok museum showcases Thai history of torture and death

Bangkok, 10 Oct 2011 (EFE) (Camera: Gaspar Ruiz-Canela).- The cruel history of torture and the evolution of the death penalty in Thailand are the focus of a museum in a old Bangkok prison, in what is an informative guide to penitentiary life and forms of punishment.

By James Tweedie:

Thailand: Four students charged with political gathering

Friday 22nd January 2016

One student seized from street corner by ‘army officers’ in unmarked trucks

FOUR Thai students opposed to the military junta, including one snatched off the street at night, were charged yesterday with gathering publicly for political purposes.

The four members of the New Democracy Movement were taken to a military court yesterday to be charged under orders banning groups of five or more people from such activity.

One of the four, Siriwich Serithiwat, alias Ja New, was seized at a busy street corner on Wednesday night by unidentified men thought to be army officers.

His friend Sassawat Komneeyawanich, who witnessed the snatch, said that eight officers in two pick-up trucks with concealed number plates picked him up in front of a group of students and others.

The officers bundled him into a car without producing an arrest warrant or saying where they were taking him.

Mr Serithiwat reportedly said he had been blindfolded, driven to a park and beaten up and that he heard guns being cocked near him, although no-one specifically threatened his life.

The student group released video footage of the incident, which circulated widely on social media.

This 20 January 2016 video from Thailand is called Soldiers abduct anti-junta student

Junta spokesman Colonel Winchai Suvari claimed that Mr Serithiwat’s arrest had been conducted in a legal manner, but that some people had tried to distort the facts.

He described Mr Serithiwat’s recent activities as socially provocative and suggested that the authorities would closely scrutinise those who were publicising the incident.

Warrants for the arrest of Mr Serithiwat and five others had been issued earlier by the Bangkok military court.

They were among 11 students accused of breaching the military order against political gatherings after their attempt to protest at Rajabhakti park in Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

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