Uganda Women Birders

This video is about a shoebill, and other birds in Uganda.

From Herbert Byaruhanga in Uganda today:

Join me to support women birding this Saturday 13th, at Forest Resort Beach-Kasenge. Kasenge is one of the nearest forest reserves rich in a variety of different species of birds.

Special [birds] include African Finfoot, Tit Hylia, Giant Kingfisher, Scaly Francolin, Grey Woodpecker, Grey Parrot, Ross’s Turaco, Great Blue Turaco, and many others. Transport will be provided at 10,000 per person.

Starting at Uganda House (Total) at 6:30am. Come with a snack, or you can purchase from the restaurant.

Uganda Women Birders is a young group of dedicated women in birding and bird habitat conservation. Confirm your participation by registering your name with the chairperson 0784060168, 0706504574.

4 thoughts on “Uganda Women Birders

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