8 thoughts on “Protests against G7 summit in Germany

  1. The people speak but do the fat cats in suits listen?
    Someday they will be sorry that they didn’t. (and we call our selves a democracy?????)


  2. G7 LEADERS meeting in the Schloss Elmau hotel in Germany’s Bavarian Alps were surrounded by 22,000 police to keep protesters at bay.

    Hundreds demonstrated peacefully outside the ring of steel, shouting: “Freedom and peace” and “Politics for people, not markets.”

    Umbrella organising group Stop G7 Elmau said five groups of protesters took different routes to the site, one consisting of 50 cyclists.

    Some organised sit-ins on the road, meaning those attending the summit had to be taken by helicopter.

    Police made at least five arrests yesterday and some activists reported being targeted with “chemical substances,” though what these were could not be confirmed.

    Climate-change demonstrators donned masks depicting the G7 leaders and shovelled fuel under a model of the world burning.

    The demos were smaller than Saturday’s rally of thousands in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the resort town where the conference is taking place, which saw police attack protesters with pepper spray and tear gas.



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