Save monarch butterflies from Dow Chemical, petition

This video from the USA says about itself:

Monarch Mania! Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

9 May 2012

Video showing the complete life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly at our home in Southern California. Original music by Gianni Pascuzzi – Hapi Drum, Hang Drum, Didgeridoo, Tuvan igil, Array Mbira, Waterphone and more.

If you’d like to attract monarchs to your garden, plant some varieties of Milkweed. Adult female monarchs lay their eggs on the underside of milkweed leaves. These eggs hatch, depending on temperature, in about 3-4 days. The larvae feed on the plant leaves for about two weeks and develop into caterpillars about 2 inches long. The caterpillars attach themselves head down to a convenient twig, they shed their outer skin and begin the transformation into a pupa (or chrysalis), a process which is completed in a matter of hours.

The pupa resembles a waxy, jade vase and becomes increasingly transparent as the process progresses. The caterpillar completes the miraculous transformation into a beautiful adult butterfly in about 10 – 14 days. The butterfly finally emerges from the now transparent chrysalis.

It inflates its wings with fluids it has stored in its abdomen. When this is done, the monarch expels any excess fluid and rests. The butterfly waits until its wings stiffen and dry before it flies away to start the cycle of life all over again.

Most predators have learned that the monarch butterfly makes a poisonous snack. The toxins from the monarch‘s milkweed diet have given the butterfly this defense. In either the caterpillar or butterfly stage the monarch needs no camouflage because it takes in toxins from the milkweed and is poisonous to predators. Many animals advertise their poisonous nature with bright colors… just like the monarch!

From the Natural Resources Defense Council in the USA:


Industrial agricultural giant Dow Chemical unveiled its newest toxic herbicide, Enlist Duo, which destroys milkweed plants that monarch butterflies need to survive. And monarch populations are crashing from nearly 1 billion butterflies 20 years ago to just 57 million last winter. Tell Dow‘s CEO to shelve the company’s plan for selling this potent chemical cocktail — before it wreaks more destruction on monarchs.

Save monarchs now

Make Your Voice Heard!

Your message will be sent to:

Andrew Liveris, President, Chairman, CEO, Dow Chemical Company

Subject line:

Shelve plans to bring Enlist Duo to market

Dear Mr. Liveris,

(Consider adding your own thoughts — personalized messages are especially effective.)

Please shelve your plans for selling Enlist Duo, a new generation of toxic weed killer, in light of the disastrous threat it poses to monarch butterflies. The skyrocketing use of glyphosate, one of the key components in Enlist Duo, has already led to a massive decline of milkweed, a key factor in the collapse of monarch populations. The fact that your company is rushing headlong to introduce a chemical cocktail that will wreak further destruction on milkweed and poses potentially serious risks to human health is simply unconscionable. I urge you to help avert this ecological disaster by keeping Enlist Duo off the market. Thank you.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]

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