London solidarity with Greece

This video from Wales says about itself:

Cardiff Syriza solidarity: Kate Hudson, Left Unity/Greece Solidarity Campaign

31 January 2015

Videos from Left Unity Wales’ public meeting ‘Syriza: your fight is our fight’ on 27 Jan 2015. Speaker is Kate Hudson, Left Unity national secretary and executive member of the Greece Solidarity Campaign.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Protesters unite to support Greece

Friday 13th February 2015

SWATHES of people took over London’s Parliament Square yesterday demanding an end to austerity in Greece as well as in Britain.

The protests were called to coincide with Yanis Varoufakis’s trip to Brussels, as the Greek finance minister negotiated his country’s debt with the European Central Bank and the IMF.

Greece Solidarity Campaign co-chairman Paul Mackney told the Morning Star that the protest, despite organised at the 11th hour, was “very upbeat.”

“It was tremendous to be part of a wave of solidarity with the Greek people manifested in most big squares in cities across Europe.”

A second wave of protests is set to hit Europe on Sunday with campaigners assembling in London’s Trafalgar Square at 1pm.

Over 40,000 Greek workers rally in Athens demanding of their government ‘Not one step backwards’

OVER 40,000 Greek workers, many with their families, shop-keepers, professional people and youth rallied at the central Athens Vouli (Greek parliament) square calling on the Greek government ‘not to take even a step back’ against the ‘blackmail and threats of the European Union leaders’: here.

Talks between Greece and its eurozone creditors floundered late on Wednesday night without even vague agreement on a way forward: here.

Stock markets shoot up as PM backs down on pledge. GREEK Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed on Thursday to let his officials talk to the troika functionaries he had previously sworn never to deal with: here.

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