Permanent Michael Brown monument in Ferguson, USA

Plaque for Michael ‘Mike’ Brown

From Electronic Urban Report in the USA:

Mike Brown to Get Permanent Memorial in Ferguson

May 21, 2015

(Via The Huffington Post) — Dozens of teddy bears that memorialized Michael Brown were removed from a site on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday afternoon. The memorial will be replaced by a permanent plaque honoring Brown, who was fatally shot by a police officer in August 2014.

Michael Brown Sr., the slain teen’s father, appeared with Mayor James Knowles in the Ferguson Community Center to unveil the plaque. Brown Sr. acknowledged that the current memorial site has become a safety concern and that he is content with a new, permanent replacement.

The announcement came on what would have been Brown’s 19th birthday, and followed a press conference announcing that Canfield Drive, the street where Brown was shot, would be repaved within the week.

Get the rest of this story at The Huffington Post.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police officers in Missouri were 75 percent more likely to stop black drivers than white drivers last year, and 73 percent more likely to search black drivers, according to a report released Monday by Chris Koster, the state’s attorney general: here.

Report: Racial Disparities in Missouri Police Practices: here.

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