28 thoughts on “After Michael Brown’s death, still more Ferguson, USA police militarisation

  1. So sad to see this man edit and slant his story to defame our city. This is not a humorous monologue, it is a tragedy for everyone who must walk, talk and open their doors to breathe the air in St. Louis. , particularly the families directly involved.


  2. If I am finding it more and more difficult day in and day out just reading articles, seeing videos and photos about Ferguson/St. Louis – I can only imagine the experience, the force of stench endured through decades of racism, bigotry and cronyism the black communities wearily carry on their backs. How many more lies – how many more deaths – how many more decades of oppression will be ignored – will be blamed upon the black race – will be used as an excuse for white cronyism to lord over a people?

    John Oliver highlights the absurdity with the acerbic style it deserves – who wouldn’t laugh through tears – who isn’t crying- who doesn’t comprehend what white cronyism, racism and bigotry has wrought upon town after town, state after state and country after country against HUMAN BEINGS?

    How many decades would one be willing to go back to comprehend why nothing has changed? And make no mistake, when I say the white race has not evolved, I mean it with both a sickness and sadness inside – for those who are responsible for their own undoing and who care not for others as they teach generation after generation the same hatred for a race.


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