Bahrain dictatorship continues oppression

This video says about itself:

Six Months in Jail for a Tweet: Bahrain Update

27 January 2015

On January 20, Bahrain sentenced its most prominent human rights activist to six months in jail — for a tweet. Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, was convicted of insulting the Bahraini government under Article 216 of the country’s strict penal code.

VICE News was with Nabeel at his home, when he received his verdict. He had some harsh words for Britain, one of Bahrain’s closest foreign allies.

In December, the UK announced a landmark agreement to build a new naval base in Bahrain at the cost of 15 million pound sterling ($22.8 million).

Bahrain: Nine arrested for “misusing social media”: here.

Bahrain: Immediately end repression against political opponents: here.

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