Bahrain dictatorship frees one democrat, jails another one

This video says about itself:

Ibrahim Sharif Criticizing Bahraini Government

Ibrahim Sharif talking about unemployment in Bahrain. The General Secretary of the secular liberal National Democratic Action Society was arrested on 17 March 2011.

By Amira Al Hussaini:

Bahrain Releases Human Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab, Only to Send Another Activist Back to Jail

13 July 2015 22:39 GMT

Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab was freed tonight from prison following a royal pardon. The surprise move coincided with the renewed detention of Ibrahim Sharif, the Secretary General of the National Democratic Action Society (WAAD), a Bahraini leftist political party, for another 15 days pending investigation. Sharif was arrested on July 11, a mere three weeks after his release from a sentence government critics say was politically motivated.

Rajab was arrested at his home in Bani Jamra on April 2, 2015, over messages he sent on Twitter concerning the welfare of individuals incarcerated in Bahrain’s Jaw Prison as well as news about the Saudi-led coalition that has waged airstrikes against Yemen since the end of March. While detained pending investigation for this set of tweets, a Bahrain court upheld a six month sentence against him over comments he made about ISIS on Twitter, on May 14.

According to a statement issued by the government-run Bahrain News Agency “His Majesty the King today issued a royal decree granting a special pardon to Nabeel Ahmed Abdul Rasul Rajab for health reasons.” No further information is available on whether the pardon includes charges from the other cases, all involving Twitter, court dates for which have not been set, or was for the ISIS-related tweets.

News of Rajab‘s release was welcomed with caution across Bahrain. Many commented on whether the government was playing chess with its political dissidents.

The Bahraini authorities have started to play a bizarrely macabre version of the Hokey Pokey (itself a peculiar song and dance dating back to the early 1800s and known in the UK as the Okey Cokey). In the Bahraini version a political dissident is freed from jail as another is arrested: here.

Bahrain regime continues to silence opposition leaders through arrests and trials: here.

Don’t Lift Arms Curbs on Bahrain: here.

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