Three lesser redpolls still present

This is a lesser redpoll video.

Today, there are not so many catkins in the backyard birch tree anymore. Lesser redpolls have eaten many of them.

Which, in turn, makes the tree less attractive for lesser redpolls.

Still, today I saw three lesser redpolls. Two birds feeding; one bird in the treetop, cleansing its feathers.

This video says about itself:

Mealy and Lesser Redpolls

Sibling species, mealy and lesser redpolls are often difficult to identify with certainty, but these individuals present the identification features very neatly. The lesser redpoll (right) has much warmer yellowish-brown body tones compared with the colder grey tones of the mealy redpoll (left). Note also the longer wings of the mealy and this bird’s ‘more attenuated’ rear end. The mealy’s whiter wing bar and more well defined flank streaks are also noteable. These individuals were part of a group of around 60 redpolls feasting on seeds at the RSPB‘s headquarters in March 2011. Apologies for the unedited and poor-quality audio.

9 thoughts on “Three lesser redpolls still present

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