Nuthatch hammering, video

This 23 October 2017 video shows a nuthatch hammering on a nut which it has put in a slit in a birch tree, in order to open the nut.

Jonathan van Deelen made this video near Koblenz in Germany.

7 thoughts on “Nuthatch hammering, video

  1. Hi Kitty, I wanted to ask if you or any of you readers would know why the birds seem to have disappeared at my sister-in-law’s house, she has zero birds around, she said they disappeared about 2 months ago. We live in Central Pennsylvania, about 10 miles away from each other…. I have Birds but not as many as I usually do.


  2. Hi Nancy, maybe some of these birds are migratory species which have gone south and will return next spring.

    About two months ago is the start of molting time for many bird species. Then, they cannot fly well and hide often.


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