Edward Snowden wins Right Livelihood Award

This 7 September 2014 video is called Edward Snowden‘s Speech on Moment of Truth.

From the site of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation (also known as ‘alternative Nobel Prize‘):


RLA 2014 Laureates Announced

Today the Right Livelihood Award Foundation announced the 2014 Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award: Edward Snowden (USA) and Alan Rusbridger (UK) receive a joint Honorary Award. Three more awards go to Asma Jahangir (Pakistan), Basil Fernando / Asian Human Rights Commission (Hong Kong, China), and Bill McKibben / 350.org (USA).

“This year’s Right Livelihood Laureates are stemming the tide of the most dangerous global trends. With this year’s Awards, we want to send a message of urgent warning that these trends – illegal mass surveillance of ordinary citizens, the violation of human and civil rights, violent manifestations of religious fundamentalism, and the decline of the planet’s life-supporting systems – are very much upon us already. If they are allowed to continue, and reinforce each other, they have the power to undermine the basis of civilised societies.

But the Laureates also demonstrate that the choice is entirely in our hands: by courageous acts of civil disobedience in the public interest, through principled and undeterred journalism, by upholding the rule of law and documenting each violation of it, and by building social movements to resist the destruction of our natural environment, we can turn the tide and build our common future on the principles of freedom, justice, and respect for the Earth.”

Ever since 1980, this prize is awarded in the Swedish parliament.

PRIVACY TIPS FROM EDWARD SNOWDEN Say goodbye to Google, Facebook and Dropbox: here.

SNOWDEN’S FIRST EMAILS Edward Snowden started disclosing information by sending an email to filmmaker Laura Poitras. His first email started with, “At this stage I can offer nothing more than my word. I am a senior government employee in the intelligence community. I hope you understand that contacting you is extremely high risk and you are willing to agree to the following precautions before I share more. This will not be a waste of your time.” [Wired]

13 thoughts on “Edward Snowden wins Right Livelihood Award

  1. I commend Edward Snowden for what he has done. He confirmed what I always suspected. I wrote a song about this “Espionage Blues” from the album Sahara Rose and I dedicate it to him.


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  3. GERMANY: The Green and Left parties asked the country’s highest court yesterday to rule on whether US National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden can go to Berlin to testify about NSA spying.

    A parliamentary panel investigating NSA snooping wishes to interview Mr Snowden but he will only give evidence if let into the country to do so.

    The German government fears this will offend the United States.



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