Dutch national spider count week

This vide is called National Geographic Super Spider – Fascinating Spider Documentary.

Translated from Vroege Vogels radio in the Netherlands:

In our country, there are hundreds of spider species. But which species live in our gardens or even our homes? Vroege Vogels VARA radio program organizes from Sunday, September a 14th National home and garden spider count. A week long anyone can look for all eight-legged animals in the Netherlands. Sunday, September 21 presenters make Menno Bentveld and Janine Abbring will announce the results.

24 spiders

Along with Jinze Noordijk of EIS Insects Knowledge Center, spiders expert Peter Koomen of the Nature Museum Fryslân, and Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Vroege Vogels has made a Spider Inquiry Card, containing 24 spiders which you may find in your home or garden.


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