Nicole Kidman and others fear butterflies

This is a video called Butterflies: Nature’s Miracles.

From Debbie’s Insects Blog in the USA:

World’s Scariest Insects?

Sunday July 20, 2008

Nicole Kidman recently revealed her greatest fearbutterflies. It seems Kidman experienced a serious Lepidopteran trauma in her childhood. On school days, she would arrive home to find a threatening butterfly perched on her gate, preventing her from entering the yard. The Oscar winner harbors a serious phobia, which she once tried (and failed) to overcome by walking through the butterfly exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

Fear of butterflies is, to say the least, an unusual phobia. Since you are probably not prone to blood-curdling screams at the sight of these flying flowers, you might be interested in learning a thing or two about them. My newest article, The Six Butterfly Families, describes the major groups of butterflies and provides some advice on how to start identifying the butterflies you see.

Nicole Kidman

Actually, fear of butterflies is not confined to Nicole Kidman. I know, as once a date ended without a loving relationship starting, because one of the two people in it (not me) was scared of butterflies passing.

Actress Nicole Kidman who raises alpacas on her farm in Nashville has revealed she would love to extend her exotic pet collection to include snakes: here.

There’s a reason why Hollywood makes movies like Arachnophobia and Snakes on a Plane: Most people are afraid of spiders and snakes. A new article reviews research with infants and toddlers and finds that we aren’t born afraid of spiders and snakes, but we can learn these fears very quickly: here.

We’ve all seen the stories about folks having unfortunate encounters with wildlife. But it turns out that the animals that scare people the most rarely pose a real threat.

Walt Disney Was Afraid of Mice + Other Celebrity Animal Phobias: here.

What Really Scares People: Top 10 Phobias: here.

35 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman and others fear butterflies

  1. Hello, My name is Patricia. I am an elementary school teacher, a mother of 2 wonderful boys… and ever since I can remember I have had a horrible phobia of butterflies. I was actually relieved to learn and to hear Nicole Kidman also has a phobia of butterflies. For years I would NEVER tall anyone of my phobia. It sounded so crazy irrationaland of course I thought I was the only one in the world afraid of “Butterflies”… I have vivid memories of myself as a child riding my bicycle and wiping out on my bike anytime a butterfly would cross my biking path. I can recall many a times running into bushes, trees, the street… whatever to avoid a butterfly.
    Thank you Nicole Kidman for your honesty and bravery in admitting to this very real phobia….


  2. Ever since i can remember i have been TERRIFIED of butterflies. I love the summer but i always fear that time of year due to the fact that butterflies are EVERYWHERE! They always seem to come into my bedroom and not anyone elses! ha strangely enough! must be due to the fact that my walls are bright pink ha ha! I get shivers and panic EMENSELY when i see a butterfly. Even pictures scare me! My brother used to pick them up and chase me with them growing up and in mass on sundays he used to pretend he had one and i used to run out of the church! i’d love to know why i am so terrified of these creatures. Hopefully it won’t affect me too much in life ha!


  3. Hi Patricia and Aisling, thanks for your comments. Personally, I think that butterflies are beautiful and do not harm anyone. If people who fear butterflies will learn to gradually overcome that fear, I think their lives will improve.


  4. I have to say I thought Nicole Kidman was just being silly but after seeing what Patricia and Aisling wrote I can see she’s not alone.

    But it should be something people can conquer easily, no?


  5. Hi Ryan, thanks for commenting. I have heard about methods claiming to cure arachnophobia (I dont know how true those claims are); but not about similar methods for curing fear of butterflies. Maybe it’s easier for butterflies? I don’t know yet.


  6. I have an awful fear of butterflies I am only 14, but every one teases me about it but most people dont understand how terrifying it is as when I was only 10 or 11 i went to butterfly world on a school trip and this one butterfly followed me all the time i was there it even followed me into the area which was concealed from butterflies and I have been terrified ever since.


  7. Hi, I am another person who has a fear of butterflies and couldn’t believe that Nicole Kidman was another one— and I couldn’t believe googling and finding so many people had this same fear. I have kind of figured out why over the past years. I actually do like butterflies if they are drawn/ not real. But if they are real and have weird patterns or photographs— I might freak out. (I’m also scared of moths too.) Ever since I was little, I’ve had moths come in my house (the white ones). They could never be caught and would just fly around, flapping their ‘fragile’ wings. Those fragile wings scare me a lot. I feel like their wings could be crushed and I’d have their fragments on me or something. Their antennae creep me out (like any other bug that has long ones as well). I learned more about them in my hs and saw up close that they have a long sucking tube as well that curls. It’s so unusual…. I hate moths because they have a fuzzy body too. When I have killed a moth, sparkly powder goes on my fingers (if I’ve swat them with my hand). It all disgusts me. And I hate how they can just fly right at your face or land on you. Well I’m not a bug lover at all but I hate how moths and butterflies are obvious when they fly at you. But most importantly, their wings make me shudder. I’m scared if they go in my mouth and I crunch their wings like paper. Then there are the butterflies with the ‘scary’ patterns. There are a lot of nice ones to look at, but if there are those particular ones that have these ‘glaring eye’ patterns…. It definitely does its job. lol


  8. Hi Kris, thanks for your extensive comment. These “glaring eye” patterns are for saving butterflies’lives, by giving birds or other potential predators the impression that the butterflies are bigger than they really are. I consider, eg, a peacock butterfly very beautiful. See here.


  9. Kris, reading your comments almost got me a massive headache. My fear began by ugly, gross, disgusting moths. Eurk. I just don’t like them. Many years ago, I burned my hand on a wood oven cause I wanted to run away of a little white butterfly. I am getting used to the little ones. The one I hate the most are Monarch. I will probably never go to Mexico because I know they migrate over there. I’ve got chill in my back just to think about it. I am now living on the Cayman Island and there are a lot of them around here. I am just running all over the place. I hope I won’t hurt myself too much just to get away from them! Thank God, I am not alone who think is crazy because of them!


  10. Hi Kris, I have a terrble fear of butterflies too. I don’t mind the white ones but the the ones with the eye patterns on their wings, black fury bodys, that come into the house all the time really freak me out, especially when they are resting with their wings closed. I come from a large family so I was tormeted by my siblings with them when I was a child, they used to chase me with them, put them in my bed etc, just to get entertainment from my freak attacks. I know butterflies are not going to hurt me but if one comes near me I’ll scream my head off, or I’ll run out of a room screaming if one flies in. I always laugh afterwards as I know how stupid I must look and I am being irrational. I just don’t know why I have this phobia but I’ll def be keeping my windows closed this summer incase one flies in 🙂


  11. Hi Michelle, thanks for commenting. I think that people with fear of butterflies should not be tormented by other people. Instead, those other people should help people like you to overcome that fear, eg, by pointing out the beauty of butterflies’ colours.


  12. I’ve been phobic of butterflies and moths since I was six years old. The post above concerning being disgusted by their fragility and afraid that thye will somehow be smushed on one’s body really hit home for me. I also don’t like the fluttering. I have gotten a little bit better around small butterlies. The Eastern Swallowtail is hideous.


  13. Its such a relief to hear about other peoples stories – all very similar to my own. I find it a big problem when I am travelling abroad for work as I could make a big spectical of myself in front of colleagues or suppliers. I’m also worried that I could endanger my life or someone else’s whilst trying to run away – like running into a busy road! I try not to let it affect when or where I go on holiday, but it would help to know when it is butterfly season – is there a site or forum where I could get travel advice to avoid buttfly/moth season?


  14. Re #14: in tropical countries, it is basically butterfly season the whole year. In temperate countries, butterfly season is basically not in winter, but from about April to October; depending on species which differ among themselves.


  15. Omg chloe owens.. i have exactly the same issue!
    I am 14 and every single friend teases me about it..
    i went to the butterfly house when i was 4. and they had this massive butterfly there that landed on my head and would get off, no matter how much i shook it off. I screamed and have never forgotten it.


  16. This is hilarious. I don’t usually care about celebrities personal lives or relate to them in any way, but I can absolutely relate to this. I am PETRIFIED of them, and yes, I do shriek and run in the other direction! I’m a bit of a pansy (pun not intended).

    I’ve always been afraid of them … Learning about them has not changed my fear. I will always fear them. They’re fucking creepy and fuzzy and disgusting. They’re like spiders in that regard, and yes. I have had some terrible nightmares about both things. It’s not like I want to be afraid of them; I realize it’s a silly thing to be afraid of. My dad likes to tease me about it (he lives by a butterfly park. There’s tons where he lives. Ew.) But I’ve tried to expose myself to them to get over it and it just doesn’t work. I doubt it ever will, even though I rationally know there’s nothing to be afraid of.

    So yeah, this is kind of a comfort.


  17. I am so glad to hear others are afraid of butterflies. I am terrified and when one flutters towards me, I scream bloody-murder and all the neighbors can hear me. I have pulled my blouse up over my head so they can’t get on me. I have run from them and fallen, almost breaking my arm. I am also afraid of moths, but not as bad. Moths don’t seem to flutter in circles around my head.


  18. i have just recently told people about my fear of butterflies and it drives them nuts especially the fact that spiders doni’t scare me i have a pet snake and a pet rat and i’ve been in a shark cage in the carribbean but still im of my teachers especially enjoys making fun of this- but i think its in all good humor but im only 13 and it really makes me feel better that no i know that other people are like this too, i always thought i was the only one 🙂


  19. I’ve read the comments of the people who fear butterflies. I also have that same phobia,I’m a 30 year old male and I had this phobia since childhood,and like everyone else felt like I was only one in the world with this fear. It is good to know that I’m not by myself. People need to understand that this phobia is no different someone fearing heights. At first I thought I’ll get over this fear as I grow, it seem to have gotten worst. I can’t look at pictures of them,can’t stand the sight of them flying by. I tell people that know butterflies were sent by the devil to torment me. I need help I want to overcome this fear


  20. I’ve been terrified of butterflies since I was a toddler (I’m 27 now). Nicole Kidman serves as a bit of a role model for me because I know I am not alone. It is so bad that if I see a butterfly outside, I either stay in my house/office or I run inside if I’m outside. It is a very real and very frustrating fear.


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  22. Okay frankly I had no idea there are so many people who Understand how those silly butterflies can scare the living hell out of people.I am definitely one of them.I always end up spotting butterflies and then I am reasonably okay until they are far away but if they are near me I just run the other way and end up pushing people when I am doing so.Even if they are far away I still keep an eye on them just to make sure that they are not coming near me.I always end up making a disgusted face and just avoide the person who I am with when there are those horrid creatures around me.Its very embarrassing .But I have no intention of getting over the phobia if it involves me going anywhere near them! Can’t they just stay in parks instead of coming in my house ?!


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