Murder at Belgian Jewish museum ‘by European-looking man’

This video is called Three dead after shooter opens fire at Brussels’ Jewish Museum.

A horrible crime this afternoon in Brussels, Belgium. In the street where the Jewish Museum is, a man stepped out of a car, opened fire, and killed three people (four, according to other sources).

Was this an anti-Semitic murder by an extreme Right winger, like in the USA recently? It is too early to be sure about the murderer and his motives.

According to the Belgian police, quoted in daily De Morgen, and on Dutch site The Post online, the murderer was ‘a European man with dark clothes on’.

Whatever the motives, this is a terrible crime. My condolences to all families and friends of the people killed and wounded.

Belgian police arrest one person and hunt a second after fatal shooting of three people at Brussels Jewish museum: here.

See also here. And here.

Suspect in Brussels shooting linked to Western-backed Syrian opposition: here.

3 thoughts on “Murder at Belgian Jewish museum ‘by European-looking man’

  1. THREE people were shot dead and a fourth seriously wounded in an armed attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels on Saturday, officials said.

    Police detained one suspect but later freed him and are still looking for a second in a nationwide manhunt.

    Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said the scene “was terrible and left me shocked” as he saw the bodies of two of the victims lying at the entrance of the museum in the Sablon neighbourhood of the capital.

    The three dead were two women and a man and all were struck by bullets in the face or throat, said prosecutor’s office spokeswoman Ine van Wymersch.

    An Israeli official said yesterday that two Israelis were among the victims of the shooting. Foreign Ministry spokesman Paul Hirschson said the victims were a couple in their 50s from the Tel Aviv area.

    No-one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.


  2. BELGIUM: A fourth person died yesterday following a shooting at a Jewish museum in Brussels.

    A receptionist at the museum, believed to be in his early 20s, has died of gunshot wounds.

    Two Israeli tourists and a French woman had been confirmed dead after Saturday’s shooting.

    Belgian police have released CCTV footage of a suspect walking into the museum with two bags, pulling out an automatic rifle and shooting.


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