Turkish regime kills mourner in Istanbul

This video from Turkey is called The Moment when Uğur Kurt was hit in head in Istanbul‘s Okmeydanı.

This video from Turkey is called The Moment when Uğur Kurt was hit in head in Istanbul’s Okmeydanı- 2.

From Hurriyet Daily News in Turkey:

VIDEO: The moment when a mourner [about the mine disaster in Turkey] was shot during clashes in Istanbul

One person attending a funeral procession has been killed after being shot during clashes between police and a group of demonstrators in Istanbul’s Okmeydanı neighborhood on May 22.

Security camera footage has emerged showing the moment when the mourner, who was standing with a group of others in front of a cemevi, an Alevi place of worship, fell on the floor after being shot in the head.

The victim, identified as Uğur Kurt, can then be seen being attended to by those around him.

Police allegedly used live ammunition after a group of protesters set alight an armored vehicle. Photos showing police officers holding firearms circulated on social media, and Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu also confirmed that guns had been used during the clashes, vowing to investigate the incident.

Kurt has been rushed to the hospital but died despite medical intervention.

Ten days after the Soma mining massacre, in which 301 miners were killed, the Turkish government continues its brutal crackdown on protesters: here.

In the wake of bloody clashes that left two people dead and several wounded in the working class neighborhood of Okmeydani in central Istanbul, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a speech Friday to the party faithful of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) that seemed designed to provoke wider violence and lay the groundwork for a more intense crackdown: here.

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  2. TURKEY: A second person died today from injuries sustained during protests in Istanbul overnight following the fatal shooting of bystander Ugur Kurt the day before.

    Eight other people had been injured during a protest late on Thursday denouncing the death of 301 people in the Soma coalmine last week.

    Police fired tear gas and water cannon at the group in the Okmeydani part of Istanbul, which responded by throwing rocks and petrol bombs.

    Police denied using live ammunition.



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