Swifts in an old city

This video says about itself:

Swifts inspecting a nest box

I put a swift nest box up this year, which was completely ignored until today.

On 21 May 2014, walking in the city center of Leiden, the Netherlands; looking for swifts.

On the medieval Hooglandse Kerk church, there is artificial nesting opportunity for these birds. Swifts are flying around. Close to the church, there is an antique shop in a building from the sixteenth century. The owner has taken various measures to help the birds nest.

As we walk to the castle, a greenfinch sings in a treetop.

From the castle, we can see the nestbox for peregrine falcons at the E.ON electricity building.

There are wood pigeons in a tree. And a stock dove, rare for a city center.

Most swifts in Leiden nest near the old harbour.

There is a swift nest above the praline shop as well.

22 thoughts on “Swifts in an old city

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