Save Yellowstone bison in the USA

From in the USA:

Help Protect Yellowstone’s Bison! Sign The Petition To Montana’s Governor Urging An End To Their Slaughter Take action today!

Bison Pair

These majestic creatures are being rounded up and shipped to slaughter when they wander beyond the borders of Yellowstone National Park.

Please sign our petition seeking to end this unnecessary and heartless practice!

Dear Friend,

In the past two weeks, more than 50 wild Yellowstone bison that roamed outside the Park’s boundaries have been captured and shipped off to slaughter. This slaughter is completely unnecessary.

You can help to end the killing by signing this petition!


There are hundreds of thousands of acres of public land adjacent to Yellowstone for bison, if the Montana state government would only allow them to roam there. But state officials have resisted this common sense approach to managing bison for years.

Last year, state agencies released a historic proposal to give Yellowstone bison year-round access to these public lands, but no final decision has been made yet.

Will you sign our petition urging Governor Bullock of Montana act?

With Yellowstone bison being shipped to slaughter right now, it’s critical that the governor hears from you today.

So please sign this petition. Governor Bullock needs to know we ALL believe that it’s not OK to kill bison simply because they wander into Montana.

Thank you for your help– it really can help make a difference!


Robin McVey

Robin McVey
Public Editor,

Take action today!

P.S. eNature and have teamed up to send periodic updates providing folks ways to help protect America’s wildlife. Please get involved by signing our petition today!

Environmentalists Rip Ryan Zinke For Booting Yellowstone Bison Protector. “It’s a hell of a way to be treated after four decades,” says park superintendent Dan Wenk. By Mary Papenfuss.

7 thoughts on “Save Yellowstone bison in the USA

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  4. In the early 1900s, 1,000 bison – wild and captive – remained, down from tens of millions only 100 years before. It was nearly the end of the bison.

    But these icons of the American west had some powerful champions – including Theodore Roosevelt and the newly formed Wildlife Conservation Society. Together they founded the American Bison Society at the Bronx Zoo in 1905, sent 15 bison by train to Oklahoma to help restore the western plains’ depleted herds, and saved the species from extinction.

    Giving the bison an official day on the calendar will help ensure they’re not just symbols of our past, but remain integral to our future, too.


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