16 thoughts on “London May Day demonstration report

  1. Greek workers strike on May 1 against austerity measures

    On Thursday Greek workers struck for 24 hours and protested nationwide against government austerity measures. Among those striking were transport workers, resulting in the suspension of ferry and train services. Ferries were cancelled at the main ports of Piraeus and Rafina. The ferry workers are protesting changes to collective contract agreements.

    The strike and protests were called by the GSEE and Adedy trade union federations.

    Thousands of public and private sector workers gathered in cities across Greece. According to reports some 1,000 police officers were deployed in Athens in response to the protests.


  2. Turkish May Day protesters in court

    Turkish workers taking part in the May Day demonstration in Istanbul last week were arrested. Over the weekend around 170 of them were released without charge. However, a further 18 were sent to court. Prosecutors demanded that one of them be arrested and held, but the court ruled they all be released on probation.

    Police carried out savage measures to prevent the May Day marchers entering Taskim Square. They used tear gas and water cannon on several thousands of the marchers.

    Iranian workers mark May Day

    Iranian workers marked May Day with protests and demonstrations. In Ahwaz employees of the Ahwaz Pipe Factory protested in front of the Governorate office against non-payment of wages going back several years. State security personnel surrounded the protestors.

    In Sanandaj textile and bakery union members held protests. A massive security force presence in the main square of Qom prevented planned protests.

    Marchers mark May Day in Tel Aviv

    More than 1,000 workers marched through Tel Aviv on May Day. Among the demands made by the marchers was for an increase in the minimum wage from its current level of NIS 23.12 ($6.7) to NIS 30 ($8.7). Currently the minimum wage in Israel is amongst the lowest in the western world.


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