European and American bison videos

This is a video of European bison in nature reserve Kraansvlak in the Netherlands. Bird sounds in the background, including great spotted woodpecker.

This video shows the release of these European bison in the dunes of Kraansvlak.

Recently two magpies were seen inspecting the herd of wisents like oxpeckers and picking ticks off their furs: here.

Here is a video of European bison tracks in Bialowieza forest in Eastern Poland.

Video of American bison in Canada: here.

Culling of 30% of Yellowstone bison is unnecessary: here.

Why do female bovids have horns? Here.

11 thoughts on “European and American bison videos


    Save Bialowieza Forest, Europe’s Last Primeval Temperate Forest a project of Ecological Internet
    January 6, 2008

    Demand the Polish government stop exploitation of the ancient
    Bialowieza forest, preserve the whole complex as a national
    park, and end permanently extensive logging that threatens
    Europe’s last remnant old-growth northern temperate forests

    Situated on the Polish/Belarussian border, the Bialowieza
    Forest is a priceless relic of lowland European forests, a
    place where the last fragments of primeval temperate old-
    growth forest on the Central European lowland have survived.
    It is home to many species extinct elsewhere including the
    European Bison, the largest terrestrial mammal of Europe; and
    also contains lynx, wolves and other threatened wildlife and
    plants. Yet approximately 90% of the forest remains
    unprotected… For many years environmental NGOs, scientists,
    concerned citizens in Poland and abroad have asked successive
    Polish governments to protect the forest, asking them to ban
    cutting of old growth and for enlargement of the Bialowieza
    National Park to protect the whole forest complex. Until now
    there has been little success. After the autumn elections
    Poland has a new government, so we are trying anew. Please
    help influence Polish politicians by sending the protest email
    below. After doing so please note the exciting update on our
    New York City rainforest timber campaign.




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