Azores celebrate ban on whaling

This video is called Whale watch off Pico/Azoressperm whales and different species of dolphins.

It is by Doris Thomas.

From Wildlife Extra:

Azores celebrate 30 year ban on whaling

March 2014: This year the Azores are celebrating 30 years since the closure of the last whaling factory in the islands.

Up until 1984 whaling was vital part of the Azores’ economy bringing in much of the local revenue, and nearly every family on the islands would have had a connection to the whaling industry.

Today whaling [sic; whale]-watching boats have replaced whale-catching boats and tourists flock to the islands whose waters are now famous as a safe haven for whale[s] and dolphins. There are 25 resident and migratory species that roam its waters including sperm, pilot, beaked, false-killer whales, and during April the rare blue whale on its migratory trail.

The common dolphin, common bottlenose dolphin and the spotted dolphin can also be seen.

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