Minke whales, common dolphins are back off Scotland

This video is called Antarctica – Minke Whale.

From Wildlife Extra:

First sightings of Minke whales and Common dolphins off the Hebrides in 2012

Summer visitors return to the Hebrides

April 2012. The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) have received the first reports of the year of Minke whale and common dolphin off Scotland’s west coast. While some species, such as the harbour porpoise and bottlenose dolphin are resident year round, other species migrate to the area, usually arriving in the Spring, to take advantage of the increased food stocks available.

First common dolphins & Minke sightings

The first common dolphins of the season were sighted in the Sound of Raasay on the 13th April. The following day, Susannah Calderan and Russell Leaper, who sit on HWDTs Scientific Committee, reported the first Minke whale sighting of the season and a group of common dolphins, off the Isle of Canna. Susannah commented, “It was great to see our first common dolphins of the season. The group was at least 100-strong, and the animals were bow-riding our yacht for over half an hour. To see a Minke whale too really made our day. It’s good to know our summer visitors are back again.”

WWF is deeply concerned over the reported deaths of over 32 vulnerable Yangtze finless porpoise since the beginning of the year, and is working with authorities and local communities to prevent the tragedy from reoccurring: here.

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