New Zealand Subantarctic conservation

This video says about itself:

Sail south from New Zealand on board the Spirit of Enderby and experience the beauty of the Subantarctic Islands, a birding and wildlife paradise full of unexpected delights.

From Wildlife Extra:

Subantarctic marine reserves get Parliament’s approval

February 2014: Proposed legislation protecting three large marine reserves in the Subantarctic Islands is almost complete is about to become law, the New Zealand Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith announced. It is expected the new marine reserves will then take effect at a formal ceremony on Campbell Island on 2 March.

These three marine reserves expand the proportion of New Zealand’s territorial sea that is protected from 7.1 per cent to 9.5 per cent, and almost the target of 10 per cent, set the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

“This new law, when enacted, will create 435,000 hectares of new marine reserves surrounding the Antipodes, Bounty and Campbell Islands in New Zealand’s remote Subantarctic Ocean. The significance of these three new reserves is their huge size, near pristine state and remoteness. Their marine reserve status means there can be no fishing, no mining and no petroleum exploration within the protected areas,” Dr Smith said.

WWF-NZ welcomed the creation of these marine reserves as a positive step but warned that a comprehensive plan for marine protection in New Zealand waters is needed.

“Legislation to set up a comprehensive marine spatial plan for looking after our oceans should be a priority for this Government and whoever is in power for the next term,” said WWF-NZ Head of Campaigns Peter Hardstaff.

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