NSA spying scandals update

This video from the USA says about itself:

2 Nov 2013

A former Justice Department official talks about her recent contact with Edward Snowden.

The US and British governments have stepped up their campaign of repression and victimization of Edward Snowden and his supporters: here.

Reports based on documents provided by Edward Snowden show that European intelligence agencies have also set up the surveillance infrastructure of a police state: here.

Barack Obama hailed United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon as a “good friend” after the two had sat down in the White House in April to discuss the issues of the day: Syria and alleged chemical weapons attacks, North Korea, Israel-Palestine, and climate change. But long before Ban’s limousine had even passed through the White House gates for the meeting, the US government knew what the secretary general was going to talk about, courtesy of the world’s biggest eavesdropping organisation, the National Security Agency: here.

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