Rembrandt’s birthday, 2013 artists’ prizes

This video is called RembrandtPrivate life of a Masterpiece (the Night Watch painting).

After her introduction at the celebration of Rembrandt’s birthday, art historian Lisette LeBlanc had not finished yet.

Her next task was to announce which artists had won prizes in the painting contest, part of the celebration.

The theme of the contest based itself on sixteenth century author about art Karel van Mander. Van Mander wrote there were two ways of painting: broad-brush, or with extreme attention to detail. Rembrandt could combine both well.

48 works of art participated in the contest.

A special prize went to Wim Kuin and Gideon Roggeveen for an installation.

Then, the second prize. It consisted of the right to have a solo exhibition in Diana Lepelaar gallery, and a book about Rembrandt. It went to Nicolette Benard, for her painting about pearls.

The first prize was for Els Hoonhout, for her Thee Roos. It was the right to have a solo exhibition in Diana Lepelaar gallery, a book about Rembrandt, and 500 euro.

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