China blames Syrian government, or rebels?

Steve Bell on Britain's policy on arming Syrian oppositionists – cartoon

Reuters news agency reports:

BEIJING | Mon Jul 1, 2013 3:38am EDT

Chinese state media on Monday blamed Syrian opposition forces in unusually specific finger pointing for training Muslim extremists responsible for the deadliest unrest in four years in China’s far-western region of Xinjiang.

And what does NOS TV in the Netherlands say?

They say (translated):

Monday Jul 1 2013, 09:26

China holds the Syrian government co-responsible for the violence in the Muslim region of Xinjiang. Radical Muslims have recruited people in Syria for battle, state media report.

My point here is not how (in)correctly Chinese media describe the situation in Xinjiang; but how (in)correctly Western media describe what Chinese media say.

Very presumably, Reuters is right here, and NOS TV is wrong. You might suspect the Assad government in Syria of lots of things, but not really easily of supporting abroad al-Qaeda-ish groups, their mortal enemies at home.

Why does NOS TV write this? Is their Chinese language translator not as good as Reuters’? Or do they automatically, whenever the word “Syria” is mentioned, absolve armed rebel groups from blame, as this fits in NATO warmongering policy; unlike policy not so long ago, at the time when Assad was still a crony of French President Sarkozy?

2 thoughts on “China blames Syrian government, or rebels?

  1. Great post Terrorist are self made. China ,Europe ,America must understand.,Terrorism has one goal to steer unrest, fear and doubts.,Is China fighting terrorism? Jalal


    • Hi Jalal, as the post says, it is not so much about terrorism as about how media (like NOS TV in the Netherlands in this case; but other media in other media made similar mis-translation mistakes about this new item) make mistakes in their reports. The blog post tries to encourage people to be more critical about what they read in the media.


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