Red fox family video

This video shows how, on a summer’s day, a red fox mother is asleep. Then, she wakes up, and remembers that her young is on its own. She drinks quickly and checks that everything is alright with the young fox. Then, she goes on.

Alex Molin from the Netherlands is the maker of this video.

5 thoughts on “Red fox family video

  1. How kool! We have foxes round here. He got quite close to them or else he has excellent zoom on his camera. When we see them, usually it is just one, it is running across the road, or else in the field. From time to time, my mom will tell me one was trying to get into the chicken coop or they heard it up on the hill barking. Where we used to live, I watched one run down across the road, behind the neighbors house, then it stopped at the neighbor’s dog kennel and sniff the dog in the cage and then I lost sight of it in the hayfield for the hay was high. It was early in the summer right before haying season. I ran out of the house and across the road but couldn’t see it. They generally don’t cause too much of a problem round here.
    It’s been awhile. I’ve been around. I have a big opportunity to get some of my fiction and poetry published so I have been working getting that stuff round and ready. Soooo excited!!!
    I pray your Easter was fantastic! My fiancee and I just stayed here and I cooked a ham. Nothing too exciting. Hope you are well too. Weather is changing for the good here too. Will be up in the 50s and higher here too towards the latter part of the week. Winter just has to spit a few more days of cold and then it’s outta here. Yay!
    Have a lovely day, dear! xo ):)


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