Monsanto admits Roundup advertisement was lies

This video from the USA is called Dr. Huber Explains Problems with Monsanto’s Roundup Ready GMO Alfalfa & Coexistence.

Translated from biojournaal in the Netherlands:

Monsanto will abide by the verdict of the Advertising Advisory Committee: Roundup advertising was misleading

Monsanto has acquiesced to the verdict of the Advertising Code Committee about a misleading Roundup ad. The company did not appeal against the decision of the committee on 11 December 2012. The ad “Roundup, the facts” appeared in June 2012 in the dailies De Telegraaf and De Volkskrant. This ad is misleading in stating that the agent “would have no effect on the soil”, “would not remain in the ground” and “would not penetrate the groundwater,” the Advertising Code Committee said.

The complaint was filed against this advertisement by together with the Corporate Europe Observatory and the Pesticide Action Network. The complaint was substantiated with references to a series of scientific studies from different countries.

Tjerk Dalhuisen, one of the complainants, says: “The ad was trying to give the impression that Roundup is harmless. There were gross factual inaccuracies in it. Roundup is harmful to the living beings in the soil and is a major problem for the drinking water supply. Everywhere in the world, Roundup causes much damage to humans, animals and nature.”

Kees Beaart, one of the co-applicants, in the 1990s complained more than ten times successfully about misleading advertising by Monsanto. “The company knows very well how damaging its products are. The dose used in practice is lethal to many types of small animals, including many species which are useful for agriculture. In the beginning of this century the CTB therefore wanted to prohibit Roundup. Following the declaration by Monsanto, that by application of Roundup the vegetation is destroyed, and with it all the animals will die anyway, the admission was just renewed again and it was even no longer required to say “harmful to non-target arthropods” on the packaging.”

The verdict can be found on this page.

The complaint can be found on this website.

Publication date: 4 February 2013.

The world’s best-selling weedkiller is called Roundup. It’s supposed to be harmless to people but now there’s evidence that it can induce several human diseases: here.

24 thoughts on “Monsanto admits Roundup advertisement was lies

  1. I have forwarded thjis to my cousin (she has a farm in western PA).
    She told me that a neighbor used a lot of Roundup on his land, right above a large pond (I can’t remember why)….and all of the fish in his pond died.
    She does not like Monsanto (and that is an understatement)..


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