Romney wants more wars

United States war on Iran plans of Bush and Cheney, cartoon

By Joseph Kishore in the USA:

In bellicose speech, Romney outlines bipartisan drive to war

9 October 2012

In a bellicose foreign policy speech Monday, Republican Party presidential candidate Mitt Romney threatened war with Iran, expanded military intervention in Syria, an unending occupation of Afghanistan, and the reintroduction of US troops into Iraq.

While framed as a criticism of the policy of the Obama administration, the main contours of Romney’s speech were in line with the agenda proposed by the current president. Romney’s remarks highlighted the bipartisan conspiracy against the American people, as both candidates plan an aggressive expansion of US militarism abroad, behind the backs of the public.

Romney delivered his speech at the Virginia Military Institute, continuing a tradition, shared by the current president, in which foreign policy speeches are delivered before a military audience. The military is treated as—and indeed is in fact—an independent and overriding power in the American political establishment.

After his speech, Romney held a closed-door meeting with retired generals, in which the war plans of a potential Romney administration were no doubt discussed with even greater candor.

Romney declared that the US needed to “change course in the Middle East” and said that “our words” must be “backed up by deeds.”

Tom Engelhardt on the mystery of the failure of American military power in a world without major enemies: here.

Mitt Romney’s Bain Made Millions On Big Tobacco In U.S., Russia: here.

TWO-TERM TRUMP Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who once called Trump a “con man,” predicts that Trump will not only win the GOP nomination for 2020, but he’ll go on to “solidly” win a second term. [HuffPost]

13 thoughts on “Romney wants more wars

  1. Why did you say that this post came from the USA instead of being more specific, to wit; “World Socialist Website Blog?” Socialists in the USA are a very small minority. The title of your post reflects Kishore’s. That is not the majority thought in the USA.


    • Hi, I indicate with many blog posts, as this is the WORLD WIDE web, from/about which of the some 200 countries in the world they are 🙂 I always try to link to sources, so the World Socialist Web Site information is only one mouse click away.

      Socialist party members are indeed a small minority in the USA (members of any political party are a minority in most countries). However, when I listen to the Tea Party in the USA, I hear them say that President Obama and the Democratic Party are socialists. That would mean about 50% (47%?).

      The Tea party is wrong, of course.

      However, I quote from this blog post:

      “The poll, published Wednesday, found that while Americans overall tend to oppose socialism by a strong margin — 60 percent say they have a negative view of it, versus just 31 percent who say they have a positive view — socialism has more fans than opponents among the 18-29 crowd. Forty-nine percent of people in that age bracket say they have a positive view of socialism; only 43 percent say they have a negative view.”

      31% of all people polled is, of course, a minority. So is 49% of young people; just. However, they are not “very small” minorities.

      Back to the subject of this blog post: Romney’s speech in Virginia. I’d say that many US Americans who don’t consider themselves to be socialists at all, but, eg, “libertarians” or “paleoconservatives” think that that speech by Romney was too militarist (and so is Obama’s present policy).

      See, eg, this article on Romney’s speech, “Romney’s Pretty Little War Speech”, at a Rightist libertarian site:

      See, eg, this article by President Reagan’s ex-assistant secretary of defense:


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