14 thoughts on “New malaria mosquito discovery

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  2. The Star (Nairobi)

    Kenya: Felling of Trees Irks Residents

    By Kirimi Murithi, 18 September 2012

    Residents of Nthambiro village in Igembe South district have decried indiscriminate felling of trees in the area and want the government to act on the matter. They said yesterday rivers are drying up due to the practice and called on the government to prosecute a resident who is behind it.

    They claim the resident was issued with a permit from the Nyambene Forest Service office to harvest a dry tree but he cut down more trees, including the indigenous species. Joseph Gichunge, a human rights activist in the area, said the resident split the trees into timber. “The spring that serves over 19,000 people and is also a source of water for their domestic animals is drying up,” said Gichunge.

    “The forest contains other animals like monkeys and birds. The land on which the forest stands is purely a community land and the spring was fenced out by the Plan International who constructed two intakes and connected pipes in a manner that people would be fetching water away from the source in order to avoid interference with the source”, said Gichunge.

    He claims the resident broke the chain link so as to access the forest and right now people have started going up to the intakes. Teachers from the neighboring Nthambiro primary school realised that someone was cutting trees from that forest and mobilized their pupils to chase away men who were using power saws to cut the trees and later seized the remaining timber which they took to the school compound.



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