Bahraini teenager, killed by regime, buried

This video from Bahrain shows the family of teenager Husam al-Hadad, killed by regime forces, during the cleansing of his corpse, before being buried in his final resting place.

See also this video.

Teenager Killed in “Barbaric” Attack By Bahraini Police: here.

Bahrain Special: The Killing of Hussam AlHaddad and the Unanswered Questions: here.

Bahrain Interview: The Life and Death of 16-Year-Old Hussam AlHaddad: here.

Nabeel Rajab, a prominent activist, will be sent to jail, but governments in the West could be ignoring atrocities in Bahrain for political reasons: here.

Bahrain Interview: Activist Said Yousif on His Beating and Detention: here.

This video is called ‘Real Arab Spring in Bahrain which West ignores’.

6 thoughts on “Bahraini teenager, killed by regime, buried

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