Bahraini woman, six children, live in car

This music video of British punk rock band UK Subs has the songs I Live In A Car & Warhead.

The lyrics of are here.

The title of that song is horrible reality in Bahrain right now.

From Gulf News:

Mother, six children forced to live in rented car

Woman says her alcoholic husband threatened to kill her if she ever returned home

September 10, 2012

Dubai: A Bahraini mother has appealed for help after she was forced to live with her six children in a rented car by the sea.

“The car has become our small home after no-one could help solve our case,” Om Abdullah said. “My husband and father of our six children is an alcoholic who has threatened to kill me after he assaulted me with a knife and hurt me and our daughter. We have not been back to the house since the incident and he did not provide us with the money to pay for renting a house despite the ruling by a court,” she told Arabic daily Al Watan.

So, apparently, this violent person disobeys court rulings; and the Bahraini royal authorities don’t do anything about that.

While, on the contrary, Bahrainis peacefully demonstrating for human rights, get lethal teargas, gun shots, torture and death from those authorities.

A pressing issue for the mother now is the back-to-school requirements.

“We are suffering and we wonder how we can get ready for the new academic year while we are in such a poor state. We also wonder why we cannot have a house and if the concerned authorities in the country accept that a family lives in a car by the sea and remains ominously exposed to dangers and risks of theft,” she said.

Bahraini Opposition Criticizes Government as It Girds for Protest: here.

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