General Motors Colombian workers exploited

This video is called Sick and Fired: The General Motors Way in Colombia.

“We Are Prepared to Die”: Workers in Colombia at General Motors Plant Sew Their Mouths Shut to Protest Backbreaking Labor Conditions. Miriam Wells, AlterNet in the USA: “Parra and Ospina say more than 200 Colmotores employees have been injured while working at the automotive plant outside Colombia’s capital city of Bogota. Herniated discs, severe carpal tunnel syndrome, lumbar scoliosis and chronic tendonitis are among the list of complaints they claim many have suffered after years spent doing repetitive, physical work making GM’s car parts. Instead of providing medical care and changing the work patterns of injured employees, GM fires them, according to the protesters”: here.

U.S. Protests Tell GM to Resolve Colombian Hunger Strike: here.

WORKERS from General Motors plants across Latin America met in São Paulo, Brazil, last week to discuss and take action against workforce casualisation within the firm. GM unions from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia came together to discuss the situation as the company, which produces cars, trucks and engines, is currently ‘restructuring’ at various plants and undermining employees’ rights in the process: here.

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